The AMN Difference

Core Values

Core Values

AMN team members are driven by five principles that guide decisions and behaviors in all of our relationships: Respect, Trust, Passion, Customer Focus, and Continuous Improvement.

Innovation - We create an inclusive environment where new approaches and ideas to propel us into the future are encouraged and thrive, generating differentiated value.

Respect - We treat each person with the highest level of personal and professional consideration and care as we value each person's unique perspective and contribution.

Trust - We communicate and act with positive intent, authenticity and transparency.

Passion - We are dedicated to serving the needs of our diverse community which compels us to thoughtful and enthusiastic action.

Customer Focus - We listen to our stakeholders and embrace their needs and challenges as our own in a relentless pursuit to deliver on their expectations.

Continuous Improvement - We proactively seek opportunities to better ourselves, our performance and our community.

Leader and Coworker Quality

Leader and Coworker Quality

AMN attracts and builds talented leaders and team members who excel in their area of specialty every day.

Collegical Work Environment

Collegial Work Environment

AMN provides a culture of partnership where leaders and team members connect, collaborate, and feel valued as they openly exchange ideas.

Development and Career Opportunities

Development and Career Opportunities

AMN actively supports and encourages career growth and development for all levels of team members so they may navigate their own future and grow with the company.

The AMN Story

AMN Healthcare, the innovator in workforce solutions, provides facilities with the resources needed to achieve their goals.