Senior Front End Engineer(React)

ID: Req19079

Location: Remote - CA

Senior React.js Front-End Developer

Dallas, TX || Omaha, NE || Remote, US

**Sponsorship is not available for this role.

Job Description

We are looking for a Principal Front End/React UI Developer to join one of our AMN Engineering teams to help us build and update our trusted, innovative, and influential technology solutions in pursuit of our aspiration to help healthcare organizations provide a quality patient care experience that is more human, more effective, and more achievable. You will help lead and drive UI projects written in Typescript and React (hooks) using backend APIs and services hosted in Azure. You will work in conjunction with multiple product teams to build web SaaS applications to serve customers with an engaging, multifaceted user experience. We have seen people thrive in this role from a variety of backgrounds, but we mostly work in .Net, C#, and React Native. Responsibilities include solving problems, experimenting, and building features that we measure for value to our users.

As part of your software team, you will develop and maintain innovative technology solutions to strengthen the trust of our users and be influential in making healthcare better. Join a company that is worth over 5 billion and makes a difference every day.


  • Work as a team by occasional pair and/or mob programming,
  • Promote tight-knit partnership within a multi-functional team, including design and product management.
  • Update and qualify the enterprise component library based on Material UI.
  • Work closely with client developers to architect high-throughput systems
  • Connect with Engineering Managers and Product Owners to plan and prioritize work and design technical solutions
  • Work in a cadence of two-week sprints with daily stand-ups and monthly retrospectives
  • Conduct design and code reviews
  • Make well-adapted use of source control and bug-tracking systems
  • Grow domain expertise in programming, product, and platform
  • Unit-test code for adaptability, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability
  • Identify and resolve sophisticated production issues
  • Promote tight-knit partnerships within a multi-functional team, including design and product management.
  • Collaborate with designers, content developers, and other software, site reliability, and QA engineers on multi-functional software products
  • Document standard methodologies and help build a knowledge base


  • 10yrs of experience in UI Application Development using Java Script
  • 5yrs of experience with React Native development
  • Hands-on knowledge of version control systems like Git
  • Experience in modern technologies such as JavaScript, Typescript, React, and redux.
  • Experience supplying to and leading component libraries.
  • Experience in applying front-end design systems such as Storybook is a huge plus.
  • Validated technical leadership experience.
  • Experience consuming and maintaining RESTful APIs
  • Experience with SQL
  • A strong foundational knowledge in object-oriented or functional programming
  • Ability to demonstrate technical know-how through individual contributions, pair programming exercises, and architectural designs
  • A focused approach to development, testing (TDD Centric), and quality assurance
  • Ability to reason with and adapt to evolving development tasks and priorities

Critical thinking and sophisticated problem-solving ability are required.

Excellent oral and written communication skills – ability to effectively connect with business units, marketing, engineering departments, and Partners.

Strong interpersonal, and analytical skills and the ability to work at a highly-detailed level.

Ability to lead & mentor others with varying levels of skill and expertise.

Minimum Education:

  • Preferred Bachelor's degree in IT, Computer Science, MIS, or any related field. Associate or some college with certifications or shown experience is acceptable.

Our Core Values

  • Respect
  • Passion
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Trust
  • Customer Focus
  • Innovation 

AMN’s Commitment to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

At AMN, our diversity, equality, and inclusion philosophy is grounded in the belief that we should respect all voices, seek diverse perspectives, and succeed when we act together as a positive force for all of humanity. We have the opportunity to influence each other, our industry, and our communities by encouraging a diverse team with a passion for social justice and equity. We are committed actively engaging in building an organization and society where equality is the norm, equity is achieved, and inclusion is universal so that we may all thrive.

Pay Rate: $133,500 - $158,500 Salary

Final pay rate is dependent on experience, training, education, and location.

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